The Status of African Youth Report (SoAYR) provides an understanding of the current landscape of youth issues and what policies and programmes exist to address these issues among African Union (AU) Member States. It also examines the impact of interventions and aids in optimizing evidence-informed policy creation to strengthen the capacity of AU Member States to respond to youth development considerations and to produce stronger and more desirable results. The SoAYR is therefore crucial in delivering the goal of youth development and empowerment, which feeds into the overall development of the continent. 

This report comprises an exhaustive account of the current state of youth in the continent based on indicators aligned to the pillars of the demographic dividend.Further to analysing the current situation faced by young people in Africa, the report will also highlight innovations in various sectors within the five regions of the continent aimed towards achieving Africa’s demographic dividend. Moving forward, the SoAYR will be a key document for policymakers across the continent, for making informed decisions and policies which directly respond to youth issues and create opportunities to transform the dynamism, creativity, and energy of African young people into a conduit for meaningful development.