Education 1 million

Africa has made several gains in improving investment in education with an average increase of 6% year on year public allocation of resources to education. 

However, challenges remain, especially in the areas of access to quality education and a lack of alternative training options for young people with approximately half of all African adolescents dropping out of school prior to graduation. 

The One Million by 2021 Initiative aims to provide new educational opportunities to African Youth through supporting young people to access scholarships, digital learning and alternative pathways to education for skills development. 

To support achieving One Million by 2021 Initiative goals, the AU’s Youth Program works to support the Innovating Education in Africa Expo

The Innovating Education in Africa Expo aims to make the most of the digital revolution to make education more accessible across Africa. Convening annually since 2018, it’s events bring the AUC together with educators, partners and policy makers from across to continent to explore new and innovative approaches to teaching and learning with the aim of empowering learners and teachers to find solutions to educational challenges. 

The event has a diverse range of interactive, creative sessions offering participants numerous opportunities to share their work and achievements, and to network and collaborate. Exhibitions include documentation, software, hardware, video and audio clips and demonstrations.

Innovators who score high enough stand the chance to win a cash prize to turn their innovation into reality and make it scalable. 

The call for applications to the 2020 ‘Innovating Education in Africa Expo’ will be posted on the AU’s Youth Program social media channels. Connect with our team on social media: Facebook @Africa.Youth, Twitter @AUYouthProgram and Instragram @AUYouthProgam.

Check out previous years’ winning innovations in the ‘Africa Education Innovations Handbook’, and join the Innovating Education in Africa conversation by connecting to the Africa Education Innovators Network (AEIN)

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