Due to the disruption that the African economy went through due to the COVID-19 crisis, many small and medium enterprises are facing untold challenges. These businesses play an important role in economies and form approximately 80 per cent of the continent’s workforce in both the formal and informal sectors, but during times of crisis, they are often the least resilient.

To support African SME's the African Union and UNDP partnered with Afri-Labs to create Rollo, a program fully dependent on business simulations that develop participants’ holistic thinking, commercial acumen, decision-making, and strategic skills.

Rollo is a risk-free simulation where you can test, practice and improve your decision-making skills and advance your SME especially during global pandemics and international crises! smeGet the chance to compete with 120 African enterprises, 360 participants from 5 different countries (Cameroon, Egypt, Sudan, Senegal, Zimbabwe) during 3 days online boot camps where your holistic thinking, commercial acumen, decision-making, and strategic skills will be put to test.

Visit rolloafrica.com now to apply by the 29th of October!

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