The 1 million by 2021 Campaign has partnered with Goodwall through Generation Unlimited to provide exclusive access to premium learning courses to help African youth become the best version of themselves. Goodwall is the next-generation community for over 1 million students and young professionals to connect and discover opportunities from scholarships to jobs. 

The Goodwall, ‘Better Together initiative’ aims to build upon the progress in the continent by improving capacities in the areas of; education and skills development, the establishment of a conducive environment for employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for young people, and ensuring that they are meaningfully engaged in the development plan of the continent. In guiding the next generation as they navigate the future of learning and earning, 

Goodwall makes it easy to build meaningful worldwide connections based on shared interests such as; social impacts and entrepreneurship. Through this collaboration with Goodwall, young Africans will get inspired to get recognition, pitch ideas, receive support, ask questions, meet incredible people, and within minutes - showcase their achievements, skills, and ideas. Goodwall helps find the perfect opportunity for you with over 5 million jobs and internships, 1Million+ scholarships and awards, and hundreds of courses in support to the 1 million by 2021. 

The Better Together online program connects anyone around the world, focusing on getting better together. The program comprises five weeks of challenges, speakers, and full prizes. African youth have the opportunity to learn new skills that will contribute significantly towards being able to network globally and gain professional experience. Upon completion of the program, participants will get an online certificate endorsed by top universities and employers. The platform is virtual, free and very easy to join here (iOS / Android)

Join the free online program to better yourself in 5 weeks: Develop Skills, Gain Experience, and Network Globally!