The African Youth Charter, adopted in 2006, proclaims the 1st of November as Africa Youth Day, This year, we'll celebrate African Youth in the entire month of November.

The 2020 African Youth Month,'Youth Voices, Actions, Engagement: Building A Better Africa'  is a clarion call to all youth development stakeholders - governments, international organizations, development partners, private sector, civil society, and all African youth on the continent and in the diaspora – to amplify and shine a spotlight on the voices, actions and engagements of African youth as they build a better Africa.

The focus of the 1 Million by 2021 Initiative on EducationEmployment, Entrepreneurship and Engagement is underpinned by a firm foundation of strategic partnerships among stakeholders and acknowledges young people beneficiaries and partners. Article 26A of the African Youth Charter charges youth to be owners of their own development.

 H.E Prof. Sarah Anyang Agbor - Africa Youth Month Message to Youth

Happy Africa Youth Month Video from the Head of Youth Division 

Happy Africa Youth Month from the Youth Division


 Activities Calendar   

Education Week - Meet the Team - Education​

2 – 8 November 

During Education week we will be unpacking our work and ways of working through some Meet the Team content. In line with the theme of this year’s Africa Youth Month, we will further be shining a spotlight on some youth in the education sector. You will also get to see some of the opportunities within the education space for you to make the most of.  

Entrepreneurship Week 

Meet the team - Entrepreneurship 

9 – 15 November 

This week is for all those in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship ecosystem on the continent. You will meet the team, learn about opportunities and resources as well as get to know of some of the innovators we are profiling. We will also launch an exciting Innovation Challenge in this week.   

Employment Week  

Meet the Team - Employment

16 – 22 November 

Our flagship program the African Union Youth Volunteer Corps Program is impactful in how it unlocks youth potential, this week we will profile some of the alumni of the program. Our commitment to providing opportunities for Youth we will also introduce you to the Young Professionals Program.  

Engagement Week 

23 – 30 November 

This week you will meet the team that works on the Engagement portfolio in the Youth Division, you will get access to some of the tools in our Youth Engagement Toolbox that will help you to mobilize youth in your constituency. This week will also be an iteration of the virtual Model African Union Training.  

Youth Corner Podcast

In this Africa Youth Month series of the AU Youth Corner Podcast, listeners will learn about the people behind the programs at the Youth Division of the African Union Commission as well as get a closer look at some of these programs that have a bearing on youth.

Episode 1 - Education and Skills Development

The One Million by 2021 Initiative aims to provide new educational opportunities to African Youth through supporting young people to access scholarships, digital learning and alternative pathways to education for skills development. 

Listen to Nicolas Ouma, our Senior Youth Advisor speak on youth empowerment and capacity building. Click here to listen 

Episode 2 - Entrepreneurship

The “One Million by 2021” initiative aims to change the game by mobilizing growth capital for entrepreneurs, as well as nurturing start-ups via connecting young African entrepreneurs across the continent and in diaspora to business leaders and international entrepreneurship networks.

Click here to listen to Ademola Adesina, an international Expert, speak on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Evidence

Episode 3 - Innovation and Impact of COVID-19 on Entrepreneurs

Listen to Alieu Jallow, founder of Young Entrepreneurs Association in the Gambia where they explore the effects COVID-19 has had on young African innovators and how best to plan for resilience.

Episode 4 - Innovation, Governance and Democracy

Liesten to Ibraheem Sanusi, Senior Advisor, Citizen's Engagement and Innovation Data Use for Africa's Development, GIZ  speak on on how good governance enhances innovation.

Episode 5 -Young Professionals and Leadership Programs

Listen to Daniel Adugna, the Program Officer who leads the Youth Division's work around volunteerism and Young Professionals, to discuss Eyouth leadership and access to spaces.

Episode 6 - Youth Engagement 

Listen to Amanda Chukwudozie speak on the African Union work around Youth Engagement 


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